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Pilot Speciality


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Pilot Speciality Courses

Tailored training for your theater of operations

Pan Am International Flight Academy offers Aviation Specialty Courses to meet your flight department and Pilot Qualification Needs. These courses are offered either on-line or in one of our training centers.  To reduce your training costs, Pan Am can also deliver most of these courses at your airlines training location worldwide.


Courses Available

Pan Am Online Aircaft CBT Training Courses

On-Line Speciality Course Library

Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT)

North Atlantic Operations / MNPS

Cold Weather Winter Operations (CDWX)

Performance - Tire Speed

Contaminated Runways

Polar Operations

Boeing CPDLC / ADS Operations


Airbus CPDLC / ADS Operations


Dangerous Goods



SAAAR Approaches


Jet Upset Training



High Altitude Training

Thunderstorm Avoidance

Hot Weather Operations

Volcanic Ash

Low Visibility CAT II / CAT III Operations

Weather & Meteorology

Safety Management System (SMS)



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On Site Specialty Courses

Aviation English Training

Aviation English Training Program Syllabus

• Basic English from beginner to intermediate, and aviation English from ICAO Level 2-5

• Initial assessment of the individual’s basic or aviation English proficiency

• Individualized on-line training based on the individual’s unique requirements

• A modern approach to language learning that improves speech and communication

• A combination of assessment, on-line and classroom training (Blended Learning)

• Weekly examination and feedback of the individual’s performance

• Aviation English training is aligned to ICAO (9835) guidelines using aviation specific content and terminology

• Aviation English training employs aviation related scenarios with the goal of meeting heavy workload and high pressure communication under stress

• Aviation training materials are designed by aviation subject matter experts

• Classroom training and evaluation is conducted by experienced pilots and controllers

• ICAO certification exam and official certificate when the individual achieves ICAO Level 4 proficiency.


Aviation English Training Course Options

• Offered to both individuals and groups. Classroom training may be completed at our headquarters in Miami or business partner site in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.

• Offered in conjunction with other ATC or pilot training programs at any one of Pan Am’s training centers.

• Able to be customized to meet any particular individual or group requirement. Specialty programs for airlines or civil aviation authorities may include customer specific training at the customer’s facilities.

• Pan Am is also able to provide “train the trainer” programs for clients who prefer to have their instructors trained abroad.


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Online Training Courses

Professional training in the comfort of your own home

Pan Am International Flight Academy offers Online Aviation Courses to meet your flight department and Pilot Qualification Needs.  These courses are offered online to provide 24 hour access for your diverse training schedule requirements.  Reduce your training costs by completing your training online without the need to travel for classroom training.


Pan Am Online Aircaft CBT Training Courses

 Boeing 737 - All Types Airbus 320 - All Types

 Boeing 747 - All Types Airbus 330 / 340 - All Types

 Boeing 757 - All Types McDonnell Dougas MD-80 - All Types

 Boeing 767 - All Types Bombardier Regional Jet - All Types

 Boeing 777 - All Types Embrarer - All Types


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Airline Pilot For A Day

Explore your lifelong aviation passion

Have you ever dreamed of flying an airliner, being an airline pilot or just having a chance to experience a full motion flight simulator?  Well here is your chance.  Pan Am’s “Pilot for a Day” program gives you the opportunity to fly an airliner heavy jet!  Your time at the controls will be under the guidance of a certified and experienced airline pilot instructor.  Bring a friend and fly together.  Design a corporate challenge around the teamwork required to land an airliner.  This program makes a great gift for Christmas or fathers day and can be a super incentive for your next company sales contest. 


See The Fleet You Can Fly

Choose From Our Large Inventory Of Full Motion Simulators To Pilot


Boeing 777 Airbus 320 All Models Saab 340 MD-80
Boeing 767     MD-82/83
Boeing 757     MD-88
Boeing 747-400      
Boeing 747-200/300      
Boeing 737-200      
Boeing 737-300/400      
Boeing 737-NG      
Boeing 727      

Don’t miss your chance to fly a big jet and realize the dream of being an “Airline Pilot for a Day”

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