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Flight Crew Leasing

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Pilot & Flight Crew Leasing

Worldwide talent for your aviation needs

Pan Am International Flight Academy is pleased to provide our airline customers with a resource to assist in finding qualified flight crews to meet immediate demands. Crew Resources Worldwide, an All Nippon Airways company, supplies current and qualified flight crews, trained  to your exacting standards and ready to fly.  All personnel are thoroughly screened and evaluated through extensive interviews, background checks and, if required, simulator evaluation prior to allocation.


Programs Available

Pilot & Flight Instructor Crew Leasing

Crew Resources Worldwide has provided crews to major international carriers and delivers crews of the highest standards. Current and Qualified Flight Crews can be made available at short notice across a large range of aircraft types; including:

  • Captains
  • First Officers
  • Line Training Captains
  • Instructor/Examiners
  • Cabin Crew
  • Cabin Crew Instructors

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Flight Crews Seeking Positions

Crew Resources Worldwide assists airlines from around the world with their Pilot and cabin crew staffing needs.  We have many positions that require a wide range of experienced flight crews. These contracts have great salaries and benefits and very in length. Current job listings.

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