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Living the dream!

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A Legacy of Training - Appreciated!

The Pan Am International Flight Academy is proud of our training partnerships with a multitude of commercial or private airline carriers who have relied on us to meet their immediate and long-term training needs.  From simulator leases to large group crew training, Pan Am International Flight Academy has exceeded their expectations.  Pan Am International Flight Academy has a proud tradition of training the world's best flight attendants. With programs designed to meet the training needs for airlines or individuals hoping to achieve their dreams of flying for an airline, we have a training solution for you. Listen as former students, now professionals working in the field share their success stories.


Mohamed Abdel Aziz

Captain - République Islamique de Mauritanie

I wish to thank all the Pan Am's team in anticipation of saying goodbye, because in Pan Am, I have found efficiency, integrity and a true training partner during the days with you. Thank you all for your cooperation.

Norm Sanders

Chief Pilot - Ty Air

I have just finished my B737 Recurrent Training at your Las Vegas facility. Britt Williams was my ground school instructor, as well as my simulator partner. My wife was recovering from an injury during this time period and I was under a great deal of stress. Britt’s knowledge, dedication, and patience to assure that I was prepared for my checkride was amazing. He made what could have been a tough week a real pleasure. Britt is an employee that will bring lots of business your way. I’ll recommend the Pan Am Academy to all my pilot contacts.

Additionally, Mark Potter was the TCE. He did a great job of briefing me on what to expect during my checkride and operated the simulator in an efficient/ realistic environment. His de-brief and critique of areas for improvement was on target.

The entire process from working with Pan Am Academy for my schedule to out the door was handled beautifully. Keep up the good work!

Pilots and Flight Engineers

Neville Pardiwalla

Type Rating Training

From the reception to the instructors everyone makes you feel at home. Pan Am's training facilities, simulators and equipment are fabulous. It is because of the training I received at Pan Am International Flight Academy that I now hold a job in the aviation industry as an airline pilot at Spicejet Airlines in India. Anyone who wants a type rating only gets my recommendation of Pan Am Academy and Captain George. I would like to thank all at Pan Am's training center for allowing me to receive the best training possible! Captain George is an outstanding pilot, an amazing trainer and a wonderful person. He trained me in most professional manner possible. His teaching styles are fantastic. His knowledge is extremely vast and his delivery of the subject is amazing. You walk out with a sense of achievement and learning. For me; anyone who askes for recommendations for competing a type rating Pan Am Academy is the only name!

Capt. Usman

Boeing 737 Pilot In Command Type Rating

This is to express my sincere commendation and satisfaction of the quality of training I received at Pan Am International Flight Academy, for my B737-3/4/5 PIC INITIAL. The standard of the training was quite high. Everything about the training, was of a very high standard. I will personally want to thank my instructor, Capt Bruce, for the quality of ground school knowledge he impacted on me. The flight training was equally of a very high standard. He made my check ride very successful. Lastly, my thanks to Shari Egan, for the assistance she rendered to me, from the very first day I contacted PAIFA about the training. Wishing Pan Am Academy a very bright future!


Indian DGCA Boeing 737NG Type Rating

I completed the 737 NG type rating course (DGCA). I would like to thank Pan Am for the excellent training provided and also really appreciate all the staff members who had helped me in completing the course on time. Our Instructor George was really amazing, very co-operative and helpful with all the questions we had asked and at the same time very patient while correcting our mistakes during training knowing that we had not flown in a while. Also, I would like to thank Nubia and her team for the swift processing of our DGCA paperwork. It was great course to be a part of and will recommend Pan Am International Flight Academy for anyone's future airline type rating training needs.


Indian DGCA Boeing 737NG Type Rating

I was part of the 737NG type rating DGCA Indian batch which commenced in January. I would like to take some time out and let you know that the whole experience with Pan Am was outstanding. Our instructor George was very patient with me and went out of his way to help me sort out my flying issues. I am a person who is coming back into aviation after a gap of 4 years. George made sure I never lagged behind, reassured and more importantly also reinstalled confidence within me which was not part of his curriculum. Its very hard to find instructors who are passionate about their work who go out of their way to help their students and George definitely is one of them. Just because of his sheer dedication and brilliance I would not think twice on where to go if I have any future trainings in my life. I would also not hesitate in guiding my fellow colleagues to you if they ask me about Pan Am International Flight Academy.


Indian DGCA Boeing 737NG Type Rating

I'm Sandeep from New Delhi, India, who recently completed B-737NG Initial Type-rating in compliance with Indian DGCA standards at Pan Am International Flight Academy, Miami, USA. My Training began on 29th Jan and got completed on 6th March at yours Pan Am's Miami Training center. I am very much glad and greatful to yours Pan Am Academy & my Training Instructor George for my wonderful Training experience.

I was in a group of 3 students all from India for ours Indian DGCA approved B737NG Initial type-rating course. Our Training Instructor was George and he was a very pleasant and with fabulous experience to get trained from. He worked very hard and co-operatively with all 3 of us right from the begining of our ground-school days until our last full-flight Sim session. I was able to build strong basics of aircraft systems knowledge & flying skills with proper guidance and highly efficient training imparted by our instructor George. His teaching methods in both ground classes and in sim sessions are simply amazing & brilliant. We are quite lucky to have George as our training instructor during the entire training phase which worked wonders for my overall Training experience. I'll be sure to recommend Pan Am Academy to all of my fellow Indian aviators for any type rating & pilot training in the future!

Thank You for everything & making my training experience at Pan Am Academy a memorable one!

Ashwin Ram

Airbus A320 Type Rating Training

I am now flying for Cebu Pacific on the A330 based in Manilla, Philippines. I am thankful for my time in Pan Am Academy, which has ultimately helped me get here.

Jeff Willard

Airline Pilot For a Day

May I have your attention please? Both of our pilots are unconscious. Can anyone help land this plane” said the flight attendant over the PA. “I can”, said our hero. I made my way to the cockpit, moved the unconscious pilot out of his seat and sat down. Quickly scanning the instruments, I determined we were not far from JFK. I reset the FMC for an approach into runway 4L, executed the program and felt the Boeing 737-800 turn and start a descent toward the airport. As we turned on final I decided to hand fly the aircraft, disengaged the autopilot and made a safe landing.
Fulfilling childhood fantasy - priceless!

Thanks for letting me know about the Pilot for a Day Program. A great experience! Henry Vasquez programmed the 737-800 sim and we did several take offs and landings. I don’t think I broke anything. He said I did great, but that is probably just good customer service. Totally different feel from my Microsoft Flight Sim at home. Although all the aircraft systems seem to be identical.  Full motion makes a big difference along with the different yoke pressures. Again thanks for the “ride”.

Jeff Willard
Denver, CO

Flight Attendants

Maryse C. Nelson

Pan Am International Flight Academy resulted in successfully competing for a full time English/French speaking International Flight Attendant position within West Jet Airlines. West Jet physically interviewed 800 applicants at Toronto Pearson's Airport, which was then brought down to ten applicants, of which I achieved second in the interview competition.

The Pan Am program, a six day course combined with a two week pre-package tutorial allowed me, a non-informed individual of the airline industry to quickly grasp and gain a basic understanding of the verbiage, duties and job expectations of an International Flight Attendant. The introduction package alone allowed me to identify the key parts and equipment pieces of an aircraft.

Attending the Pan Am Academy in Miami, the six day course, under the tutelage of instructors Sherri and Gary together with over sixty years of experience in the industry, present a thorough curriculum which consisted of a multitude of flight attendant duties, emergency equipment, crew resource management, line operations, fire and wet ditching drills. The school was inviting, friendly and well organized. All instructor staff was approachable at all times, providing advice and guidance in all aspects of the course.

Pan Am International Flight Academy continued to provide emotional and moral support after my completion of the course by providing assistance in the airline job sites and interview with West Jet. The continued to provide moral support, which was greatly appreciated. It was an experience that I will never forget and that I will always cherish.

Blue Skies,

Maryse C. Nelson

Pan Am Academy Flight Attendant Graduate

Carol Ann McGuire

Living The Dream at Atlantic Southeast Airlines

"I would like to thank you for all of your help in getting me ready to be a Flight Attendant. Jan 13th I had a interview with Atlantic Southeast Airlines, (ASA) and out of 1300 resumes I was 1 out of 100 to get called for a interview!. And after my 4 1/2 hr interview and drug test and background check. I was called yesterday to start with ASA as a Flight Attendant on Feb 5th. I feel that with the training I received. I had that edge because of You and Pan Am. Now, I will be going into my training knowing the knowledge That I received from you will get me threw it. I will all ways be grateful to you and Pan Am for helping me make my dream come true, Now I can truly say I AM A FLIGHT ATTENDANT! Thank You Again!"

Kingdom Air Flight Attendant Class

Pan Am International Flight Academy recently trained Kingdom Air’s Flight Attendant Staff in France. Here is Mr. Angel Castro, Pan Am’s In-Flight Manager of Training, with our customers in Paris!

Brenda Salgado

Ryan International Airlines

This is me at Kauai, Hawaii.I had never even heard of this place yet I was there and getting paid for it. Being a flight attendant is AMAZING! Thank you PAN AM FLIGHT ATTENDANT ACADEMY for getting me there I will forever be Grateful.

Angel Ortiz

Mesa Airlines Flight Attendant

"Now days the airline industry has become very competitive especially for flight crew members. When I tried to become a flight attendant with zero experience I knew it was going to be tough. That’s why I took the course at Pan Am Flight Academy in order to be ahead of the game, and have a great looking resume.

I learned tons in that one week and had so much fun doing it that a month later I landed an interview with Mesa Airlines. With the skills I learned at Pan Am I got invited to training two days later after the interview.

I am currently based in Washington DC over in Dulles airport flying the United Express jets for Mesa as a flight attendant. I’m having so much fun up here doing what I love to do, and I don’t think without the training I received at Pan Am that I would be where I am today. In the future I plan on applying to one of the big boys like American Airlines and travel the world. I thank Pan Am for the push start I was given."

Delek Tas

Delta Airlines Flight Attendant

"So who would have thought that this little German girl would finally get a job offer with such a widely known international and domestically reputable Airline such as Delta? Not only am I soon to be a flight attendant but a flight attendant with German as a language of destination and, of course, I am going to test out in Turkish and French as well! ALL THANKS TO YOU ANGEL. I almost had giving up on my dream to be a flight attendant and if you wouldn’t have told me that Delta was hiring a couple months ago I would have never been offered the job. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

The application process was pretty long. After I applied online, I went through several phone interviews until I was finally invited to Atlanta for my personal interview, where I was then offered a conditional job on the spot. Now I will start training in Atlanta on March 7th and move to NY right after that.

You have been truly inspirational. All your great and detailed training at Pan Am and your assistance of finding a job for me go a long way and I can’t put into words how much I appreciate you.
The flight attendants at my interview were truly impressed with the basic knowledge I could already provide not only on customer service, but also on safety and security procedures. One of my Interviewers actually said that I already spoke the same lingo as a Flight Attendant who had been performing the job for quite some time. That made me really happy and I told them that it was only thanks to Pan Am International and more importantly YOU Angel.
I will keep you updated on my great adventures as a flight attendant and I will be sure to send you a picture when I am finally getting my wings. They are dedicated to you."

Air Traffic Controllers

ICAO Air Traffic Control Class

"Thank you very much. I like to study at Pan Am International Flight Academy"
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart "
"Learning at PAN AM academy was very nice. Thanks for a very good job!"
"The teachers treat us with respect all the time. I am very proud of such professors at Pan Am International Flight Academy"
"Thank you for the excellent organization of classes"
"Thank you for your patience with us"

Slovenia Aerodrome Class

"Thank you for all of your support , help and assistance during and after our course"
"We really had a wonderful time. Thank you. Hope I can come back for an advanced course"

Romanian Safety Management Class With Instructors

"The instructors create an atmosphere that encourages learning"
"The instructors make the course interesting"
"The instructor presents the object matter clearly"
"Perfect job-congratulations"
"Thank you for the enjoyable course!"

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