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Aircraft Maintenance Training

In today’s competitive airline environment, keeping training cost under control is important for airline maintenance departments. It can be a challenge to balance the need to reduce cost, while maintaining the highest quality of training.

At Pan Am Flight Academy we understand this challenge. Pan Am Academy’s maintenance training programs have been developed with these goals in mind.

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Engine Run Up and Taxi Training

Duration: 3 training days, 16 hours classroom, 4 hours full flight simulator

This course equips the maintenance technician to prepare the Aircraft, Flight Deck, and Systems for engine operation and taxi.The technicians will operate the engines in both normal and non-normal conditions, as well as experiencing real emergency situations and through structured CRM procedures to resolve these emergencies. Checklist procedures are taught with specific read and respond format.The curriculum allows the technicians to perform required engine tests as in Power Assurance Checks and Vibration Surveys.

This course provides the procedures to taxi the airplane to and from the engine run-up area and also to a remote parking area. We will program the sim to simulate pushback from the gate and taxi on the gate. The simulator provides real hands-on experience, especially for the practice of the abnormal conditions and emergencies.