Excel as a pilot with the largest training facilities in Miami

Pan Am offers more than 100 different aviation training options on over 14 different aircraft fleet types.

Airline Training Program & Services

Pan Am Flight Academy has more training courses and services than any other airline training company. Providing fast and efficient courses for aviation professionals, Pan Am Academy can meet all airline crew training needs. Pan Am offers type ratings, atp-ctp, mcc and emergency training courses on a variety of aircraft types including Boeing, Airbus, Saab, and more.

Pilot Training

Pan Am Academy offers cost effective, and top quality Type Ratings. Check out our innovative facilities, full flight simulators and state of the art technology for private and commercial pilots.


A training requirement for pilots wishing to qualify for the FAA Airline Transport Pilot Exam. Pan Am Flight Academy offers an ATP-CTP pilot training course that meets all FAA 14 CFR 61.156 requirements.

FAA License Conversion

Our licensed foreign pilots can follow a straightforward step process to complete the conversion of their ICAO pilot license and obtain an FAA certificate.

Multi Crew Cooperation

Become proficient in multi-crew operations with a focus on operating safely in the National Airspace System under instrument flight rules.

Emergency Training

With an extensive inventory of cabin and door trainers, Pan Am can offer more cockpit and Cabin crew emergency training solutions.

Aircraft Maintenance

Our training department offers the highest quality of training for airline maintenance departments.

Computer Based Training

Get online professional training in the comfort of your own home with CBT Aviation Courses to meet your flight department and pilot qualification needs.

Find the training you need based on our aircraft fleet types.

With the largest variety of commercial full flight simulators located in Miami, Florida, Pan Am Flight Academy can meet all of your flight simulator training requirements.