Pan Am Academy Installs B737-300 Simulator in Las Vegas

Miami – November 20, 2015  

Pan Am International Flight Academy and parent company ANA Holdings (collectively “Pan Am”) have announced today the installation of a Boeing 737-300 Level D full-motion training simulator at their Las Vegas training center.

The 737-300, manufactured by CAE, offers full-digital visual flight instrumentation and displays; instructor station with 2 touch-sensitive color displays; and a digital 6 DOF hydraulic motion system.

Mr. Mark Johnson, Pan Am’s Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer states: “Pan Am is pleased to have this 737-300 in Vegas, to serve our 737 Classic customer with a higher level of service and training location choice. Our Las Vegas location offers convenience to many who prefer to stay closer to home rather than travel to Miami where our other 737s are.

The simulator is expected to be fully operational and certified for FAA training by early January, 2016. Bookings will be taken as early as December 15.

Pan Am International Flight Academy, headquartered in Miami, FL, has its origins in Pan American World Airways as its original training division, and operates under one of the most recognized brands in the world. The company provides flight simulation and training on nearly all major aircraft types with over 200 professional training programs and instructors training on over 50 full flight simulators.