Pan Am Flight Academy launches Multi Crew Cooperation course

The course is a crew-based training program for pilots who have not previously operated in a multi-crew environment and complies with Latin American and European requirements.


Pan Am Flight Academy, a facility that specializes in training aviation professionals from around the world, has announced the addition of a new course to its curriculum. 

The new, Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) program is offered to international customers and complies with the requirements of South American and European regulations. Upon completion of the course, pilots will be proficient in multi-crew operations with a focus on operating safely in the National Airspace System under instrument flight rules. 

The Multi-Crew Cooperation Course consists of 45 hours of training, including 25 hours of instructor led ground training, and 20 hours of training in a Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD). The course training objectives includes crew resource management, decision-making, task management, use of checklists, and team member support through normal, abnormal, and emergency situations. MCC training emphasizes the development of skills necessary for working effectively in a multi-crew environment. 

“The aviation industry continues to demand more pilots,” said Jeff Portanova, President of Pan Am Flight Academy. “At Pan Am, we continuously strive to offer courses that further enhance pilot skills and qualifications producing highly trained professionals to meet industry demands.”

To enroll, pilots must possess a valid ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Airman Certificate with multiengine and instrument ratings. Pilots should also demonstrate competence in aviation English Language (minimum ICAO Level 4) before enrolling.

Pan Am offers a variety of FAA, ANAC, and other DGCA approved pilot training programs including ATP-CTP, Initial, Upgrade, Recurrent, Requalification, Recency, Type Ratings, Differences, VMC Limitation removals, and Foreign License Conversion to FAA ATP, among others.

Training programs are offered utilizing a wide variety of full flight simulators, flight training devices and emergency training equipment on the following fleet types: A320; B737CL; B737NG; B747-400; B757/B767; B777 and SAAB-340. 


About Pan Am Flight Academy

Pan Am Flight Academy is a leader in commercial aviation training and has more experience, simulator fleet types, and more programs catering to the aviation service industry than any other training organization. As the only surviving division of original Pan American World Airways, Pan Am Flight Academy can trace its instruction heritage to the earliest days of airline flight training. In 1980 Pan Am American World Airways opened its Flight Academy in Miami, Florida, still the base of operations.

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