Pan Am International Flight Academy Opens New Florida Pilot Training Academy

Miami – August 11, 2015  

Pan Am International Flight Academy announced the opening of their new Cadet Pilot Training Academy in Kissimmee Florida just outside of Orlando.

The company re-enters Ab Intio training after a two-year hiatus at the former Kissimmee school with significant upgrades and improvements including the addition of the Redbird MCX, a full-motion simulator (AATD) to enhanced training from student pilot to professional crew training.

Pan Am’s Senior Operations Officer, Mark Johnson states: “We are excited to be back in the Pilot Training business and have the opportunity to work with young cadets who show a real enthusiasm and eagerness to learn to fly. The opportunities are excellent, with projections for new pilot hires continuing to grow in coming years.”

Along with extensive classroom space and briefing rooms, the school has a large fleet of 40 plus aircraft that include the Piper Cadet/Warrior, the Cessna 172, and the Beechcraft Duchess. The school will efficiently train up to 50 cadets at one time and plans to keep a low student per aircraft ratio.

The Academy is approved to deliver FAA initial pilot training under FAA Part 61 and FAA Part 141 regulations. Once initial licenses are achieved, cadets may transition into courses preparing them to earn an air transport license and type rating in one of many major aircraft.

Mark Johnson continues: “For airlines and pilot candidates, Pan Am now offers complete FAA cadet pilot training packages from zero flight time through airline type ratings. Reestablishing a world class professional pilot training program will enhance Pan Am’s core business of comprehensive solutions for airlines.”

The academy’s first group of students begin training July 22 with several training programs to choose from, including: a Private Pilot course, Rating Add-on courses, a Certified Flight Instructor course, License Conversions, and a Professional Pilot Program preparing cadets for a multi-engine commercial pilot certificate and optional Type Rating training at Pan Am’s Miami world headquarters.

As the original training division of former Pan American World Airways, the company is one of the largest and most experienced pilot and airline training organizations in the world, with several U.S., Europe and Asia locations and over 60 full-motion flight simulators.