Pan Am Signs Strategic Alliance Agreement with Swift Air

Miami – October 24, 2016  

Pan Am International Flight Academy announced today the signing of a Strategic Alliance Agreement and Hiring Pipeline Agreement with Swift Air LLC, to provide qualified pilot applicants to the airline. As part of the agreement, Pan Am will partner with Swift Air to support Swift Air’s pilot hiring.  Pan Am will offer a comprehensive training solution that will include graduate pilots from the Pan Am Career Pilot Academy, an FAA 141 flight school located in Kissimmee Florida that meets the strict hiring criteria of Swift Air. Qualified applicants will have the opportunity to interview with Swift Air and Pan Am will offer Jet Transition and Initial Type Training on Swift Air Fleet Types as part of this program.

Jeff Conry, CEO of Swift Air expressed enthusiasm for the agreement: “Pan Am has the experience and resources to make this work for us. It will save us a lot of time and money trying to fill seats on our own.”  Boris van Lier, COO adds: “This strategic alliance with Pan Am offers a comprehensive end-to-end program capable of providing Swift with qualified pilots with all the proper ratings and licenses, ensuring all applicants meet the strict proficiency standards we require.”

Mark Johnson, Executive Vice President for Pan Am agrees:  “Being the seamless training resource for airlines like Swift Air, where we combine Career Pilot Training followed immediately with Commercial Airline Training at our Miami or Las Vegas facilities, is what Pan Am is all about and is the current focus of our company. This end-to-end ‘training-recruiting-hiring’ cycle helps everyone—the airline, the student recruit, and our industry as we meet the ever growing demand for trained pilots.”

Swift Air is an American airline based out of the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona, and operates a fleet of business and commercial Boeing 737-300/400 jets—available for charter and private use.

Pan Am International Flight Academy, headquartered in Miami, FL, has its origins in Pan American World Airways as its original training division, and operates under one of the most recognized brands in the world. The company provides flight simulation and training on nearly all major aircraft types with over 200 professional training programs and instructors training on over 50 full flight simulators.