Pan Am Unveils The Acquisition of Two New B767-200 Simulators

Pan Am Flight Academy announced the acquisition of two, Boeing 767-200, Full Flight simulators. Both aviation training devices, currently located in DFW, Texas, are set to be relocated to the Pan Am Headquarters in Miami, FL.

The level D, and level C simulators feature GE engine models, SMGCS and GPS capabilities. Prior to entry into service, both simulators will undergo extensive upgrades including new RSI visual systems, upset recovery (UPRT Dir 2) capabilities and the new upgraded IS&S cockpit.

“The addition of these simulators represents the commitment we have made to our customers.” said Jeff Portanova, President of Pan Am Flight Academy.

“The demand for B767 simulator time has increased dramatically over the past year and is forecasted to remain strong. Adding these simulators to our fleet, and incorporating the IS&S technology, clearly demonstrates how we are working with our customers to anticipate their training needs”.

With the addition of these simulators, Pan Am will offer four (4) Boeing 767, full-flight simulators at its training facilities in Miami, FL.  Pan Am Flight Academy partners with airlines and aviation professionals from around the world to deliver excellence in aviation training. These additional B767 simulators are scheduled to be fully available for training by July 2021.