Pan Am's New Boeing 747-400 Full Flight Simulator obtains FAA Qualification

Miami September 27, 2023 – Pan Am Flight Academy, one of Miami’s leading centers for aviation
training, announced the successful qualification of its advanced Level D B747-400 full flight simulator.
The former Thai Airways simulator is the second Boeing 747-400 owned and operated by the established
aviation academy. After multiple upgrades and thorough testing, Pan Am announced the simulator has
been qualified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and is expected to be ready to deliver pilot
training starting October 1, 2023.
Pan Am’s new simulator is equipped with GE CFM 80C2-B1F Engines, a new RSI XT5 visual system with
Norxe projectors, updated TCAS version 7.1 and is fully Change 2 compliant.
"At Pan Am we continue expanding and investing in our robust fleet of full flight simulators and pilot
training offering. This second 747-400 comes to meet the demand of our customers” said Jeff
Portanova, President of Pan Am Flight Academy. “Our focus is to be able to continue providing our
clients with the equipment they need for their training requirements.”
The addition of a second B747-400 simulator comes to complement a diverse fleet of over 20 full flight
simulators in our Miami training centers.
Pan Am Flight Academy provides a comprehensive range of training programs for commercial pilots,
including initial type ratings, upgrade and recurrent training, ATP-CTP, license conversions and multiple
specialized courses for aviation professionals. Pan Am Flight Academy is centered on ensuring pilots
receive the highest standard of instruction.
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