WKRG-TV News Airs Airbus 320 Pilot Training at Pan Am Flight Academy

Miami – October 5, 2015  

WKRG-TV News of Mobile, Alabama recently visited Pan Am International Flight Academy’s world headquarters in Miami, Florida to film an extended news story on current training protocols in the new Airbus A-320 full-motion simulator, as part of continuing interest in the recent opening of the Airbus manufacturing plant in their community. 

Airbus’ new manufacturing facility, which assembles the industry-leading family of A319s, A320s and A321s, was officially open for business, with 250 plus employees now at work on the first U.S.-made Airbus aircraft.

Mr. Ralph Leach, VP of Sales and Marketing at Pan Am invited Bill Robles of WKRG News inside Pan Am’s new Airbus A-320 Full-Motion Level D flight simulator, to film what a pilot in training experiences while learning how to fly the large Airbus commercial airliner.Pan Am’s new A-320 simulator is state-of-the-art and boast a number of advance motion and visual technologies to provide an incredibly realistic training experience.