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Type Rating Training

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Type Rating Training

More courses, on more fleets, than any other company!


Pan Am Flight Academy offers more training courses on more fleet types than any other aviation training company in the world. With FAA, EASA, ANAC, and National DGCA approvals, Pan Am offers more than 100 different training options on over 14 different aircraft fleet types.
The Airbus A320, Boeing 737, 757, 777 and more, are just some of the simulators Pan Am offers
aviation training on. Below is a summary of the offered courses including Initial, Upgrade or Recurrent Type Ratings, Removal of Circling Restrictions, Crew Resource Management (CRM) Courses, ATP-CTP, and Emergency Training.

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FAA Pilot Training - PIC Type Rating Initial, Upgrade, Recurrent

ANAC Pilot Training - Type Rating


All Pan Am Flight Academy Programs are approved by the Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC).

Indian DGCA Pilot Training - Type Rating

Removal of Circling Approach Restrictions and/or Recency of Experience

Removal of Circling Approach Restriction, Part 61

This course will train to proficiency the Circling Approach/ Land Maneuver, allowing the removal of the restriction.


  • The trainee must hold an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with a Type Rating that includes the limitation “ CIRC. APCH - VMC only” and/or ATP CIRC. APCH - VMC ONLY” as appropriate.

Course Duration: 1 Day

Ground Training/Briefing: 1 Hour
Simulator/Flight Training:1 Hour/per trainee
Simulator/Certification Check:1 Hour/per trainee


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Recency of Experience Training

Fulfills requirements of: Part 61.57(a) & (b) of the same class, category and type,
This course will re-establish Landing Currency.


  • Pilot must holdat a minimmun a Private Pilot Certoficate (PPC) with an appropriate type rating in the same type of airplane in which the crewmember is to serve.

Course Duration: 1 Day
Ground Training/Briefing: 1 Hour
Simulator/Flight Training: 2 Hours per trainee


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Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training Courses & Emergency Drills

Crew Resource Management Training - Initial, Part 121

This course presents guidelines for developing, implementing, reinforcing, and assessing CRM for flight crewmembers, dispatchers, flight attendants, and other personnel essential to flight safety. Fulfills requirements of: 

FAR 91.1072 (f)
FAR 91.1073 (f)
FAR 61.155 (c) (11) (12) (13)
FAR 61.55 (b) (2) (iii)
FAR 65.55 (a) (11) (12) (13)

Course Duration: Approximately 1 Day
Classroom Instruction: Initial: 08:00 Hours Recurrent: 04:00 Hours


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Flight Crewmember Initial General Emergency, Part 121, 135
This course is to provide crewmembers with the training to recognize and evaluate an emergency situation and to properly implement and use the appropriate emergency procedures and equipment. The course will be presented and demonstrated per the operator’s aircraft. Fulfills requirements of: Part 121.417, 135.331


  • Must be employed as a crewmember by the Operator

Course Duration: Approximately 2 Days
Classroom and Hands On Instruction: 08:00 Hours
Description: Emergency Equipment 02:00; Emergency Situations 04:00; Emergency Drills 02:00

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